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Welcome to On the Cove. On this website you will find our webcam, tidal and weather information, the blog On the Cove--information about what's been happening here, and information about our vacation rental apartment.

Lanes Cove is truly unique, located in the village of Lanesville in Gloucester Massachusetts. Lanesville rose to prominence in the 1800's for fishing (one could row out into Ipswich Bay and bring back a boatload of cod) and later granite quarrying. Except for lobstering, no one fishes out of Lanes Cove today, and all that is left of the granite industry are water-filled quarries and a cove with massive breakwaters designed specifically for loading granite onto sloops. Because the granite industry died in the 1930's, Lanesville has remained largely untouched. Much of the land the quarries are situated on is owned by the City of Gloucester, or private citizens who hold together these large plots of land.

During the 1900's, artists and sculptors found Lanesville. A rocky coastline, and the wonderful light that pervades Cape Ann brought the artists. Later, world famous sculptors made their homes here, buying quarries from the bankrupt Rockport Granite Company. Lanesville became a home to many extremely creative people. Today, many of the descendants of these artists live in Lanesville or close by, plus many new artists have settled here, attracted by the same natural beauty and camaraderie of other talented and creative people

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